A BB cream or a CC cream or a tinted moisturiser?

Whether you’ve been using makeup for years or are just starting there’s no way to avoid the confusion that comes when you have to decide what to buy for your face- foundation or a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream or a CC cream or a DD cream.

Yeah, there’s now a DD cream too… That’s the kind of choice that can put you off buying anything. But there is a difference between all of them and even though in most cases it’s an almost insignificant one, it’s still worth knowing it, for the sake of keeping up with the trends.

Overall, tinted moisturisers are exactly what the name says – like a moisturising foundation. BB creams (the first to hit the western market) stand for Beauty Benefit creams and include ingredients such as SPF and so on – depending on the brand. Some claim that they are slightly more pigmented than tinted moisturisers. CC creams (with CC standing for colour correction) are obviously more focused on evening out the skin tone as well as some beneficial ingredients. And DD creams – so controversial that you can read 5 different articles and hear a different purpose for every different DD cream. It’s actually hilarious.

You are probably thinking, that with this list, you’d be stupid to ever buy a foundation, given how “good” the other creams supposedly are, but hold on. Unlike everything else for which you can get up to 3 shades, foundations come in a wide range of shades – so they are definitely not dead. If you want to find out more check the extensive article Fashionista wrote about it.



Iva Zhikova