How to cut down your hair drying and styling time!

How to cut down your hair drying and styling time!

Drying and styling your hair is one of the most boring and tiresome parts of your beauty routine, isn’t it? Unfortunately in the summer it gets even worse. As if it’s not enough that it’s quite warm but you also turn your room into a steam room every time you start blasting your hair with the blowdryer. Since we hate sweating before we’ve even left the house and, let’s face it, drying our hair naturally is a no-no for most of us – we looked for alternatives. Here’s what will save you from the “heat waves”:

Hair rollers:
They’ve been there for ages, haven’t they? Depending on the size of the rollers you can either give yourself some bouncy, classic curls or you can tame your already existing curls and make them straighter.


Change your curling iron:
Go for a bigger one – saves time and you will also get those diva curls almost effortlessly.


Experiment with products:
We love Bed Head TIGI’s Small Talk – it’s a “volumizer, thickifier and a heath protector”. Smells like fun, makes your hair smooth and fights frizz. You wouldn’t really need your curling iron or straighteners after that, because it will look like you have just had your hair done professionally.


Don’t wash your hair everyday (unless necessary):
If you like to curl your hair, just tie it before you go to bed, to preserve your curls and then in the morning dry shampoo the roots.


Hot Rollers:
You can let your hair air dry, and then start rolling. Because of the heat the style will last longer. You also won’t have to sleep wearing them.




Iva Zhikova