How to: wear makeup with contacts and be safe!

How to: wear makeup with contacts and be safe!

Apart from very few of us, wearing contacts is a bit of a nightmare. Wearing makeup while you are wearing your contacts is like the horror movie, especially if you aren’t used to them. Not only that it’s uncomfortable because your eyes are dry and everything is blurred, but now you are also risking having an infection that could potentially result in another legend about a girl that wore too much makeup, her contacts got dirty and lost her vision. Safety should always come first and therefore we have a few tips for you that can make life much easier, without having to compromise with your style.

The biggest issue arises from the fact that your lenses are highly absorbent of all things nasty. The first thing you probably want to do is put your lenses after your perfume and hairspray, but before your makeup.

Second of all, you have to minimize the fallout from your eye shadows. Use an eye shadow primer and also replace powdery eye shadow with cream ones. To be perfectly honest, both of those things should be done anyway. Your primer will make the eye shadow last for at least half a day and will keep it set, and cream eye shadows lately are of great quality – whether its Maybelline or Chanel – they hardly ever crease!

Another tip which couldn’t be more eye-poking literally and figuratively speaking is lining your waterline. It’s extremely irritating even when you don’t have to wear lenses, so its really a no brainer that you are better off giving it up.

Last but not least get a good mascara – hypo-allergenic, oil and fragrance free and not a fiber one, as they usually flake!

If you have to use a lot of makeup for a special occasion then you are better off getting daily disposable lenses. If not, my optometrist always says that I should give my lenses a good rub and rinse with some solution right after I’ve worn them.

Just remember – it’s better to be safe than sorry!



Iva Zhikova