The Pixie Cut Bandwagon!

The Pixie Cut Bandwagon!

It’s quite funny how last week we saw just one Instagram picture of Beyonce getting a pixie cut and boom! A few million people were in shock. The news was almost as big as the news about the Royal baby. Probably half of those people have already booked appointments at their hair salons.

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A pixie cut is a big thing – especially for her, since she hasn’t done anything with her hair in probably a decade. But is this all it takes to set something as a trend? Some magazines compared it to Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel” cut in Friends, stating it is the next big thing (The Daily Beast). Some are disappointed about Beyonce’s decision because it doesn’t fit her diva status. Regardless, the pixie cut has been around for a while: look at Michelle Williams, Miley Cyrus or Carey Mulligan. It is cute and sweet, even innocent and wild (depending on how you style it) but let’s be honest – you don’t have that many options. It doesn’t look good on everyone because it has to do a lot with the shape of your skull and you may get bored of it quite quickly. Not to mention, it takes ages to grow back and most boys hate it (I promise you). It is also a myth that a short hair needs less maintenance. At the end, it is a matter of personal choice, but seriously think twice before you reach for the scissors and don’t let a “trend” dictate your style.

The way this news should be looked at is as an indication that there might be a big image change coming from Beyoncé, now that her world tour is over.

A lot of stylists predict that because of Beyonce’s drastic cut, her former penchant for wigs, hair extensions and luscious long locks are now a trend of the past. What do you think? Are you going to stop going for the lion’s mane look, now that a lot of celebrities are going “light”?



Iva Zhikova