Dior drops Jourdan Dunn because of chest size?

Dior drops Jourdan Dunn because of chest size?

After the Dior fiasco with John Galliano and his racism in 2012, it looked like, on Monday during the couture show in Paris, the fashion house had learned their lesson. This time the selection of models was quite diverse and everyone was supposed to be happy, until, Jourdan Dunn decided to go on Twitter.

Apparently the famous British model was cancelled for Dior’s show because of her large breasts.

JD Dior

It is great that she finds it funny, but is it really? There was a lot of outrage in the media and to an extent it was a bit unrealistic. If you put Jourdan Dunn next to Kate Upton, you can see that she is hardly on the same level. On top of that, besides the fact that haute couture is way more artistic and it’s aesthetics call for specific characteristics in models, Jourdan Dunn could have easily pulled off most of the clothes. That kind of leads to the conclusion, that maybe there is more to the story than meets the eye. Dior’s response is anxiously anticipated right now.

Meanwhile, it a bit disappointing that the attention was drawn to that, rather than the actual collection which was beautifully inspired by the style of “women from different continents and cultures who wear couture”.



Iva Zhikova