Paris Fashion Week SS13: Highlights

Paris Fashion Week SS13: Highlights

The fabulous end of the fashion Spring/Summer ‘13 season came with Paris Fashion Week. It was a hectic week full of surprises, drama and fascination. For most of its part it appeared to be shadowed by the scandal with the New York Times fashion editor Cathy Horyn and her reviews, by the rivalry between Dior and YSL and by the cancelled Hakaan show, whose couriers lost his collection.

However, with it’s magnificent and outstanding collections, the PFW traditionally left the media and the fashion world dazed and longing for the summer. The most discussed shows, as mentioned, were those by Hedi Slimane for YSL and Raf Simons for Dior, both presenting their first ever collections for their respectful fashion houses. called Raf Simons fashion show for Dior, which was among the first during the week, the “big story in Paris”. In different interviews the designer emphasized that he was looking forward to the future. His aim was to try and find a new perpetuating piece of clothing. His vision of this idea was a jacket worn as a dress that was found by critics as something rather difficult to define. Simons also made a link to his couture show with the folded drape, which this time was rematerialized, with “futuristic organza and pastel colors” that made the models seem very light and modern. One of the many reasons why his show was so raved about was the fact that he truly managed to combine Dior’s precise and beautiful tailoring with his own spirit and unique style.

Hedi Slimane for YSL definitely didn’t fall far behind although receiving contrasting reviews. His show was in a classic YSL spirit – very rock, 70s and romantic with all the floppy hats, pussy bows, flared trousers and tassels, the mousseline and the fur. It was called witchy or even gypsy like but however looked at, just like Simons, Hedi managed to add to his garments a very youthful, modern and alluring spirit. If anything, his collection is definitely going to be a huge success when it hits stores in February.

Another very inspiring collection was the one presented by Isabel Marant. Although not as surprising, it was very chic and eye-catching. Marant’s outfits were also inspired by the rock era of the 70s and like many commented the whole show was like a very different and fresh take on the American “groupie” fashion style that almost echoes a young and free hippie spirit.



Iva Zhikova