Behind the scenes with RiRi and River Island

Behind the scenes with RiRi and River Island

These days if anyone knows how to sell, that certainly is Rihanna. Seriously, there are a very few celebrities that have made fashion and beauty collaborations that lasted for more than one season. And she has 2 that are running right now. Apart from the MAC one, which we mentioned a few months ago, her River Island one is doing quite well too – if it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be getting excited over the news of her next collection coming out this fall.

River Island certainly knows how to keep us customers interested. You must have lived under a rock, not to read at least one article about the massive LFW event that showcased Rihanna first RI collection, for example. In May we also saw the second summer collection being released.

Just a few days ago River Island gave us a new behind-the-scenes video that totally ramps up the anticipation for the third collection. In the video, Rihanna gets very creative and technical and talks about what she likes and what she wants. The collection will be comprised of 80 pieces in her unique style full of bomber jackets, camo prints, crop tops, a lot of oversized stuff and killer heels. Check it out!

PS: We love this song!



Iva Zhikova