Cara rocks again!

Cara rocks again!

Cara Delevingne is now singing too. Rumour has it that she has replaced photo shoots with the recording studio. A career change wouldn’t be a bad news, keeping in mind what she has shown us already.

About 2 months ago we got a demo of her drumming skills at Charlotte Tilbury’s House of Rock ‘N’ Khol. Although Cara seemed shaky and nervous, it was obvious that she has some pretty mad skills. Check the video below!!

Luckily for us and typically for the model that’s always all over the place, she didn’t stop just there. We just discovered that she recorder a duet with singer/songwriter Will Heard. According to the interview with Vogue, the musician and the model have been friends for quite a while now and apparently Cara is “ridiculously good” with the guitar too. We are yet to see proof, but it looks promising! Check out the song here:

Its super sweet and catchy! BigLove for it!



Iva Zhikova