Kate Moss is dressing up our phones!

Kate Moss is dressing up our phones!

Another day, another collaboration. This time it’s Kate Moss for Carphone Warehouse. Collaborations are such a regular thing these days that you are probably starting to lose enthusiasm for them. Hold your breath though; Kate has something interesting hidden in her hat.

The supermodel has decided to focus on phone and tablet cases and we finally got to see what it they will look like.
It is sometimes quite the pain to dress your phone. Sure there are plenty of cases, but about 90% of them are just kitsch. Kate’s cases are anything but tasteless. With close attention to detail and texture, the cases are mostly covered in stars, studs and leather, and always an anchor, all inspired by some of her favorite trinkets and tattoos. It might sound kind of standard but they are actually quite chic and cool. Check them out!

KM phone2

KM phone 3

KM phones 4

KM phones 5

The collection will be released next week on the 24th of July (Wednesday) and the prices range from 14.99 for a phone case up to 49.99 for tablet cases. Sounds quite good, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, the partnership will continue and there is already a second collection on its way. Kate says that it will feature a lot of detachable charms with chains and probably more of those anchors.



Iva Zhikova