Tired of Rom-Coms? Check out “I Give It a Year”!

Tired of Rom-Coms? Check out “I Give It a Year”!

We all love a good romantic comedy (each of you is probably thinking of their particular favourite right now… “Last Night” someone?). The typical scenario, where a boy and a girl meet, go through a few obstacles and have the happy ending is something we started getting familiar with since our mothers started telling us fairy tales. But movies and fairy tales are unrealistic and even though they get you all dreamy and optimistic, sometimes they are just not enough. Every now and then you need a shot of reality, a breath of fresh air.

I Give It a Year is exactly that. Its not a deep Oscar worthy story – but it’s a new perspective that reminds you that it’s all right if things don’t work out, that life goes on and that it’s important to have faith in yourself and go for what you want. Given that is directed by the writer of Borat, you can expect quite a few hilarious and awkward situations. But most of all, you will be able to relate to at least a few parts of the story. You can count on a British anti rom-com to show you that you will get more than one chance of having a happy ending in your life and that at the end of the day – it’s all in your power, you just have to reach for it.

Go watch it! However, in case I wasn’t convincing enough, here’s a link to the trailer:



Iva Zhikova